JEDI Mission

We believe that LGBTQ+, Adaptive, BIPOC and other People of the Global Majority should feel welcomed, respected, and able to fully engage in climbing and outdoor recreation. We strive for a diverse community that has an important part to play in conservation and stewardship of our natural spaces.

The GCC recognizes it needs to do more to promote Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities in climbing to further a collective understanding of our differences and how these play out on and off the rock.

We also recognize other disadvantaged communities including LGBTQ+ and Adaptive climbers in our efforts.

Our focus looks to address the immediate needs, but also to make long-term commitments for sustained growth in our community. This includes extending resources, education, and support to those who traditionally have encountered barriers to access. We promise to listen, support, and lend our collective experience in upholding an inclusive community experience.

To learn more about JEDI Principles, see our interview with Taimur Ahmad of the Access Fund.