Group of climbers having dinner at the Mountain Brauhaus restaurant in Gardiner, NY.

Where Do Gunks Climbers Like to Eat?

We asked the Gunks climbing community on our GCC Facebook page, what their favorite post-climbing restaurant in the Gunks was and which were their favorite dishes?  Here’s what they said:

  • Agnieszka Gać-Chlebosz: Burger and spaetzle at the Brauhaus!
    • Terrie Marcoe: That’s my first choice usually too – what a bargain at the price.
  • Betsy Gelvin: Can’t beat the $10 bottle of red at Bacchus!
  • Chip Nippert: Brauhaus, klops and spaetzle.
  • Marco Fedrizzi: I think we all know the answer to that hands down . Your answer is right at the base of the Trapps on Rt. 44 .
  • Gustav P. Rech: Can only be the Brauhaus the sight of my first post-climb gunkburger!
  • Spurgeon Thompson: Spring Chicken Salad at The Brauhaus.
    • Terrie Marcoe: That is SO delicious – one of my faves too.
  • Christine Foltzer: Brauhaus!
  • Kyle Gilstrap: Pot roast at the Brauhaus. Beer
  • Charles Pechousek: Brauhaus or Main Course
  • Ka Tie: Gilded Otter !!!
  • Keith Perry: The Otter. We used to go to the Brauhaus but if there’s more than ten people in there I takes a life time to get your food. Main Course is yummy also.
  • Luc Monod: NOT THE GILDED OTTER. They never change their menu. Why advertise WiFi when it doesn’t work?
  • Amy Colburn: A salmon burger on the back deck of the Otter!
  • Rick Pascucci: Guilded Otter, the beeeeer
  • Peter Collins: Anything freshly brewed from the Gilded Otter!
  • Terrie Marcoe: Brauhaus first, as an overall great place. Ka Tie: Gilded Otter !!! for a steak quesadilla, if I have the patience to deal with the crowded wait, and Main Street Bistro for their bargain breakfast special and the pasta with salmon in Asiago cheese sauce – Overcliff or Undercliff, I forget which it is named.
  • Evan Picard: The shwineshank (sp?) From the Brauhaus. Wings from McGillicuddy’s.
  • Phil Powers: Brauhaus then Bacchus
  • Ryan Conklin: Bacchus, taco special and beers!!!
  • Paul Garasimowicz: Bacchus! Beer!
  • Lindsey Haynos Walkoe: Mountain Brauhaus is great….. If u have a few hours….. Mexicali on the way out…… Some of the best mex food….. Staff and service……. Not so much!
  • Paul Bracey: Oh my! So many good options, but I love the Shrimp and Goat Cheese Quesadillas at Bacchus!
  • Nick James: Bacchus, chicken wrap, killer
  • Jacki Santiago: Bacchus!!!! For literally all of their amazing food especially the tilapia sammich!!
  • Victoria Rowitt: Bacchus shrimp and goat cheese quesadillas!
  • Jack Straw: Bacchus!!!
  • Simon Kozin: The Otter is ok but doesn’t excite.
  • Margot Melisa Ferencz: All the food at New Paltz Indian restaurant is delicious!
  • Isabel Rodriguez: Veggie burger at Brauhaus is amazing.
  • Luc Monod: Main Course, great eats, good price, bring your own, big tables for groups
  • Eric Lutz: Tokyo Sushi!
  • Greg Rafalski: Pasquale’s
  • Dan Africk: Karma Road is also great, but I think they close early, so I mainly use it for breakfast. Great burritos, sandwiches, and smoothies


(Edited 5/10/2023 to remove restaurants no longer in business.)

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