Hamilton Point Minnewaska (photo: Christian Fracchia)

Becoming a Volunteer for Land Access in Minnewaska

Do you value climbing as a cultural and historical part of our community? Do you want access to new cliffs?  If the answer is yes then please volunteer to help the GCC open up access to miles of cliffs in Minnewaska State Park Preserve.

Hamilton Point Minnewaska (photo: Christian Fracchia)We are all familiar with the climbing in the Trapps and Near Trapps, but many of us are not aware that south of this the ridge continues into the beautiful and pristine setting of Minnewaska State Park Preserve.  These cliffs run for miles and contain historical routes dating back several decades.  Activity on these cliffs was constant until the purchase of the land by the state in the 1980’s.  At present it is the largest closure on public land in the country. The GCC has embarked on a major letter writing campaign to encourage New York State to follow through on its promise, as stated in the 2010 Master Plan, to expand climbing within the park.

GCC volunteers are attending climbing competitions, ice festivals, crags, and gyms to collect hand-written letters that will be mailed, en masse, to the NYS Office of Parks and Recreation this spring. We are looking for people to attend a table in two-hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday morning at the Mountain Harbor Deli below the cliffs in April.  A little bit of time will make a big difference.

We are now on the verge of ending a 35-year ban on climbing on the Shawangunk ridge. If you are interested in helping, please respond to this invite with your name and a date and time that would work for you. Your participation is greatly appreciated.


Sandi Trillo

GCC Volunteer Coordinator

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