Jason Hurwitz

Jason Hurwitz, board of directors, Gunks Climbers' Coalition

Project Info

Client Jason Hurwitz, Member-at-Large, Anchor Evaluation Committee

Project Description

Jason Hurwitz has over twenty-five years of extensive climbing experience at the Gunks and beyond.

Before launching a career in nursing, Jason guided rock and ice climbing throughout New York and New England.

Public service means a lot to Jason, and he is always finding ways to leave the world a little better than he found it. These ethos are why he is also a board member for the Marbletown Rescue Squad and has devoted countless hours to the GCC’s Anchor Initiative.

Jason’s climbing and medical expertise makes him well respected as a ranger at Mohonk Preserve. In this capacity, he takes care of the land and the people who use it. He is a voice for sensible land stewardship, safer climbing practices, and sharing access with the various user groups who see the Gunks as a special place.

As someone who balances a commitment to improving climbing access with an understanding about the inevitable environmental impact that comes with increased usage, Jason is a throwback style naturalist.

Jason and his spouse Dr. Christa Whiteman call the Gunks home. This beat up old climber is lucky to have a chiropractor in residence, especially after long days at the cliff. They live just minutes from the Trapps in an idyllic cabin with their trouble-making dog Lakota.


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