Christian Fracchia

Christian Fracchia, GCC board of directors.

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Client Christian Fracchia, Member-at-Large, Anchor Evaluation Committee
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Project Description

Christian learned to climb in the Adirondacks and took his first trip to the Gunks in 1987, eventually moving to the area in 2002. He enjoys traveling to climb, but feels that the Gunks is now his true home.

Christian maintained the website a resource for Millbrook climbers, and most recently he is the co-author of the Trapps App, a smartphone climbing guidebook to the Trapps.

While researching routes for the Trapps app Christian became aware of the impact climbing is having on tree anchors. He began attending GCC meetings and joined the Anchor Evaluation Committee to work with the Mohonk Preserve to devise solutions to save the unique cliff ecosystem and enhance anchor safety.

Outside of climbing he teaches high school physics and enjoys spending time with his wife and Old English Sheep dog.

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