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Client Brendan Thomas, Member-at-Large
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Originally from the Finger Lakes region of New York, Brendan’s climbing journey began in the arid landscapes of New Mexico in 2008 when he moved in with a roommate who had built a home wall in the garage. From there it grew not only to gym but to the boulders of the Sandia foothills and sport climbing at areas like Big Block and The Box. He returned to New York in 2019 and instantly fell in love with the Gunks and the local climbing community. He lead his first season on gear in 2020.

Beyond his climbing pursuits, Brendan’s deep-seated passion lies in community engagement and assisting others. In serving with the GCC, he strives to be a valuable resource for climbers of all backgrounds, looking to create pathways for access to essential information and support to embark on their Gunks climbing adventures responsibly and sustainably. His dedication extends beyond education to preserving and expanding access to the Gunks iconic cliffs and being a positive advocate for the climbing community.

Outside of climbing, Brendan works in business development and innovation focused on energy efficiency and building decarbonization, trying to lessen the impacts of climate change while helping people reduce their energy costs and get off fossil fuels. He focuses much of his work on designing better ways to help disadvantaged populations gain access to services that have the potential to better their living conditions and communities.

When not working or climbing, Brendan enjoys playing drums and guitar. He values quality time spent with loved ones, both family and friends and relishes exploring the natural wonders of New York and beyond.

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