Peregrine Falcon in flight.

2018 Peregrine Falcon Closures Lifted in Trapps and Millbrook

From the Mohonk Preserve on August 1, 2018:


After carefully monitoring the progress of the Peregrine Falcon fledglings at both the Trapps and Millbrook cliffs, we have determined that they are now sufficiently mature and we can fully lift the climbing and bouldering closures. This marks the first successful fledging at the Trapps since 2005, and the second success at the Trapps since breeding Peregrines became extinct in our area in the mid-20th century. Thanks to the climbing community for their support of our conservation mission and patience during the closures, and to the dozens of Peregrine Watch volunteers who have generously donated their time and energy to help protect these endangered birds.

Head of a Peregrine Falcon.

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