Photo of a rock climber on CCK in the Gunks, by Chris Vultaggio.

The Mohonk Preserve Will Reopen for Climbing Soon!

Climbing will again be allowed at the Mohonk Preserve on Monday, June 22, 2020!

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we all eagerly await our return to climbing in the Gunks.

From the Preserve: “Since our phased reopening began, we have experienced an unprecedented surge in visitation and have been actively expanding our capacity by hiring and training new trailhead staff and engaging volunteers to help with parking and visitor management. With these additional resources in place, we’re now confident that we can safely reintroduce climbing, bouldering, scrambling, and horseback riding at the Preserve.”

If you’re a Mohonk Preserve PLUS+ member, you will have early access to climbing from Friday, June 19 to Sunday, June 21st. The Preserve also said PLUS+ memberships with an expiration date after March 2020 will be extended by three months due to the temporary suspension of these activities. Click here to join or renew your Mohonk Preserve membership.

Some Important Things to Remember Before You Plan To Visit:

  • The West Trapps parking lots are only open to Mohonk Preserve members from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. On busy weekends they could be full by 9 a.m.! The lots will be closed and gated at 7 p.m. – so keep an eye on the time and don’t get locked in or ticketed!
  • Check for any updates on the Preserve’s coronavirus guidelines, e.g., masks, groups, etc. Stay tuned for more specific guidelines specific to climbing and bouldering.
  • Also remember that the temporary closure for nesting Peregrine Falcons is still in effect.
  • This reopening only applies to the Mohonk Preserve, climbing is still not yet permitted at Minnewaska State Park Preserve.

Please read our recommendations about climbing during the pandemic, authored by several local climbing organizations in the northeast along with the Access Fund.

Get your stoke up and we’ll see you on the rocks soon! (from an appropriate distance!)

Photo of a rock climber on CCK in the Gunks, by Chris Vultaggio.

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