Photo of Kathy Karlo, by Irene Yee

A Chat with Kathy Karlo of the No Man’s Land Film Festival

Photo of rock climber Kathy Karlo, by Irene Yee.

(Photo credit: Irene Yee)

We had a chance to sit down and ask Kathy Karlo, our host for the No Man’s Land Film Festival, a few questions about the fest and for some opinions of Gunks climbing. Read on to find out her favorite routes and more, and be sure to join us this Saturday at the Rock and Snow Annex at 8pm for the No Man’s Land Film Festival! $10 suggested donation, snacks will be provided by the GCC. Event is BYOB.

GCC: Why come to the No Man’s Land Film Festival (NMLFF)?

KK: It’s important to bring up conversations that we don’t often realize exist within our community. We want to inspire people to have these open, honest conversations because that’s where change begins.

Our goal is to enhance the female presence in the adventure arena and to connect like-minded individuals who share a desire to experience their passions and environments through a uniquely female lens, and above all, love adventure.

GCC: Are dudes allowed?

KK: Yes! The mission of NMLFF is not to exclude for exclusion’s sake. It’s not a “no boys allowed” club that—quite the opposite. It’s an effort for equality in an industry dominated by the male presence. NMLFF simply seeks to feature women adventurers with the same coverage men receive. And ultimately, these important conversations that are being had cannot take place without our male counterparts.

Photo of rock climber Kathy Karlo, by Tim Foote.

(Photo credit: Tim Foote)

GCC: What kind of stoke can people expect when they leave the show?

KK: We want men, women, and children to be action-oriented and to take inspiration from these films outside. Whatever your passion, whatever your pleasure–use it to create inspiration wherever you go. Use it to inspire confidence in yourself and in others, use it to inspire change.

GCC: Favorite thing about the gunks?

KK: I have always had an affinity for heights! The exposure is definitely the best part about climbing here. Whether you climb 5.6 or 5.10, the view of the entire valley from the top of any pitch is unbeatable.

GCC: Tell us your favorite routes in the Gunks and why?

KK: Erect Direction because MULTI PITCHES ARE COOL. Son of Easy O–it’s the best 5.8 you will ever climb if you link it in a single pitch. To Be or Not To Be–it was my test piece when I started climbing in the Gunks. It challenged my fortitude, both physical and emotional as well as my belief in myself. I think it’s important in life to always seek out things that challenge these things.

GCC: Favorite place to eat in New Paltz?

KK: It’s not in New Paltz, but The Last Bite in High Falls! Best breakfast and lunch spot in the Gunks.

Poster for the No Man's Land Film Festival at the Gunks in October 2017.


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