Link to GCC impossible linkups crossword puzzle download (pdf)

Impossible Linkups Crossword Solution

Here’s the solution to the Impossible Linkups crossword puzzle (PDF).

Thanks to everyone who played along!

In the end, about one hundred folks downloaded the puzzle and we got seven completed submissions — four of which filled in everything “correctly.”

I say, “correctly” because there was one definite mistake (MDADONER is a spelling typo that should have been MDADONOR — the correct spelling for someone who donates to the Muscular Dystrophy Association); a very iffy, admittedly non-word answer in GLUEEE (which still sounds right if you say it out loud); and a most probably wrong answer in WIFES as a plural of wife.

In the clues, there were a couple of typos that got caught and in one instance I basically gave the answer away — there’s a reason the world has copy editors!

I’ve made corrections to everything but GLUEEE, so if you come across this puzzle in the future it will be “perfect.”

I hope, in the final analysis, the puzzle provided more distracting fun than frustration during our quarantine.

But now the Mohonk Preserve is open to hiking and running and biking and hopefully to rock climbing before too long.

Please continue to stay engaged with the the climbing community through the GCC social media outlets as we update the situation at the Preserve, provide the best available information about climbing during Covid, and discuss upcoming projects and events.

And even though we’re not out there climbing yet, please keep up your membership with the Access Fund and GCC!  The work of protecting and expanding climbing access still goes on even as the crags themselves quietly await our return.

Matt Logan

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