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Gunks Bolted Rappel-Anchor Survey

The Gunks Climbers’ Coalition has been working with the Mohonk Preserve to address rappel anchors. Specifically the GCC is advocating for bolted anchors to replace tree rappel anchors where trees are suffering from climber impact. Additionally there are some fixed gear rappel anchors composed of pitons and/or other aging hardware that the GCC is requesting be replaced with bolted rappel stations.

Ultimately the decisions to add any new bolted rappel anchors will be made by the Mohonk Preserve. Your feedback in the following survey will be presented to the Mohonk Preserve by the GCC. As we are all aware, safety in climbing is paramount. We need and value your input, please click on the link below to participate in the survey.

Click here to take the survey.

Please accept our thanks for your time and thoughtful consideration.

Click here to go to the Anchor Initiative Project page.

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  1. Dana Bartlett


    The survey is set up in a way that drives the respondents answers in one direction; the ‘Gunks needs more bolts. It wasn’t well constructed. In addition, stating that the GCC is working with Mohonk on this issue presents, I think, several problems.
    First, it imparts a legitimacy – a legitimacy simply by association – for what the GCC does or is planning to do.
    Second, we can’t easily know what the GCC has presented to Mohonk regarding this issue. I realize this comment is a bit unfair.
    And finally, attaching the actions of the GCC to Mohonk is somewhat misleading (And I am not using the word misleading in pejorative way) because when people think of the Mohonk Preserve they think of it as institutional, impartial and disinterested, and therefore its decisions will be impartial and disinterested. But its not that; it is a relatively small group of people who have differing levels of knowledge of and opinions about the status of the land and the cliffs.

    Maintaining the beauty and the integrity of the ‘Gunks – while at the same time using the area – is a complex issue, and I feel that part of the GCC’s current approach is a bit heavy handed and impetuous and somewhat short-sighted. Is the focus on the land and the cliffs or on climber convenience? I can’t be alone in having this question.

    Regardless of climbing ability or the number of years you have been climbing at the ‘Gunks we share one thing: sooner or later we all have our last day here. You lose interest, you move away, or you die. Climbing may be a permanent part of the Preserve, but we are temporary. It’s the land and the cliffs that are important, not us as climbers.

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