Cash box.

New GCC Treasurer Needed

The Gunks Climbers’ Coalition is in need of a new Treasurer. We will miss Chris Magee, who is a professional CPA, and who has done an amazing and professional job handling our accounting. Chris will be available remotely to help hand off his responsibilities to the new treasurer.

If you can commit to getting involved and joining our board of directors, as well as meet our requirements below, please contact us and let us know about yourself. The GCC Board of Directors will review, nominate and vote on candidates for Treasurer. If you are interested in joining the GCC Board of Directors, but not as a treasurer, we’d also like to hear from you, as several members recently had to leave or moved out of the area.

Job Description:

  • Maintain the GCC accounting and transactions activity, identifying and tracking restricted donations for receipt and expenditure.
  • Manage the GCC budget.
  • Attend and provide status updates at monthly meetings.
  • Review expense requests and issue checks for payment or electronic payment.
  • Record keeping of any money related transactions and statements.
  • Manage our Paypal account and bank account.
  • Support board members for grant applications for accounting and budgeting data, as well as follow up correspondence to grant providers.
  • Maintain status on not-for-profit credential organization and ensure timely reporting.
  • Provide and assist GCC board members with completing sales tax exemption certificates.
  • Monitor our post office box for new mail (if local).
  • Report financial information in annual newsletter to membership
  • Manage our GCC credit card and send payments on time.
  • Manage our Square credit card readers.
  • Monitor our accounts for any suspicious activity or unauthorized spending.
  • Send receipts and thank you notes to donors.
  • Prepare annual federal and state income taxes for not-for-profit organizations. Ensure payment to local taxes such as school and property.
  • As a board member of the GCC, provide input, volunteer to help at events, and vote on resolutions, spending requests, board nominations and other issues.
  • Man the entry table at GCC events that require admission. Responsible for the cash box at events. Track sources of income (e.g., membership, raffle tickets), and deposit at the bank.
  • Assemble GCC/Access Fund membership forms and payments at GCC events and send them to the Access Fund for processing.
  • Provide records and training to the new treasurer if you step down from the post.


  • Reliable, dependable and trustworthy.
  • Good record keeping, online and with paper documents.
  • Able to attend monthly GCC Meetings (2 hours, in-person or video chat if not local).

Preferred Candidates will:

  • Have bookkeeping or accounting experience. Not for profit experience not required but preferred.
  • Have good communication skills and work well in a team.
  • Live near Gardiner, NY so they can check our Post Office mailbox regularly, do banking errands, and write checks for expenses.