Chris Vultaggio climbing Feast of Fools at the Gunks

GCC Profiles: Chris Vultaggio on Climbing Local

Chris Vultaggio climbing Feast of Fools at the Gunks

Chris on Feast of Fools. (Photo credit: Emily Walis)

Climbing has taken me from the tip of Africa to deep within the Arctic Circle of Norway’s Lofoten Islands. It’s had me gasping for air high in the Himalaya or below the Mediterranean’s surface while deep-water soloing in Turkey. But despite having climbed worldwide and across nearly half the U.S. states, I’ve never found a community quite like I have here in the Gunks. Aside from being some of the best and most-accessible climbing I’ve ever experienced, the Gunks is a storied landscape with a rich history of climbing’s evolution.

When I became a permanent resident of the area I felt a responsibility to join the GCC and put energy back into what has truly changed the course of my life, and the time I offer as a board member feels like the least I can do in return for all the area has shown me. This work is rewarded exponentially through direct results like seeing how well attended the GCC’s events are, expanding land access, and watching our community evolve to be more attentive and inclusive to the JEDI space.

Since joining the GCC board I’ve developed more friendships across the climbing community both here and nationwide. I’ve been able to be a part of local conservation efforts, and played a role in helping our community become stronger as a result.

These experiences have shown me just how fragile the landscape in which we live and recreate is—and the urgent need to protect it. The GCC relies on community volunteers and donations, and as both a board member and local climber I’m proud of the strong legacy of community contributions. I hope you’ll join me in making a donation to help protect and preserve the land I’m sure is equally important to you.

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