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2023 Nominees to the GCC Board of Directors

Time flies and it’s time to hold the GCC Board of Directors elections. GCC Board members are elected to two year terms. Every two years we nominate new board candidates and those who choose to continue to serve on the board. However, new board members can be nominated and elected to serve on the board at any time of the year. The current GCC Board of Directors will elect the officers and board members at the February 2023 GCC meeting. Board members are subject to following the by-laws of the GCC and must regularly attend our monthly meetings.

This 2-year term serves from February 2023 until February 2025. We are pleased to announce the current nominees for the GCC Board of Directors are:

We are grateful for this group of hard-working and dedicated volunteers that keep this organization running. Interested in joining the GCC Board of Directors? The first step is to attend meetings, volunteer for events and subcommittees, and get to know the team. Want to get involved but don’t have time to make the commitment to being on the Board? We could always use volunteers that are willing to work on subcommittees, help with outreach or events, or put their skills to use on projects.

We thank Maria Bridge for her service on the GCC Board. We are sad to see her step down but wish her well on her future endeavors. Maria was critical to helping us fundraise for the Antlion project, making good use of her experience working at non-profits and applying for grants. We received a number of large grants that made our Antlion fundraising a huge success, thanks to Maria’s hard work. Do you have experience with grant writing and non-profit fundraising? If so, please let us know!