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COVID-19 Closures in the Gunks (Updated 7/14)

Current climbing-related closures in the Gunks

(Updated 7/14/2020)

In an attempt to put together the various closures in the Gunks, we will try to keep this post up to date. If you have additional information to add to this blog post, please comment below or contact us. Things are changing rapidly everywhere, and the best way to stop the spread is to stay home.

Climbing Areas Reopened/Reopening

  • Minnewaska State Park Preserve will reopen to climbing at Peter’s Kill and Dickie Barre on July 7th.
    • They will have day passes and season passes available, and the bathrooms are open.
    • It is recommended to climb with members of your own household, and masks should be worn if social distancing is not possible.
    • Avoid clustering at the base of climbs. If there is a line for a climb, find a different one. There should be no more than 4 people in your group on any climb (e.g., if you are in a group of 6, then some should be on a different climb).
    • For additional guidelines on visiting New York State parks during the pandemic, see
  • As of June 22, the Mohonk Preserve has reopened for climbing. Click here for more information.
    • Parking lots are closed overnight, open 7am for members, 9am for day-use visitors, and locked at 7pm.
  • As of June 15, the Mohonk Mountain House Resort has reopened to guests and its hiking trails have reopened for day guests.
  • Rumney, NH is reopening to climbing on July 6th. See their FB post about proper protocols.
  • Powerlinez: Torne Valley Climbers Coalition announced climbing will resume on July 7th
  • Thacher State Park opened on July 6th. Check the Thacher Climbing Coalition’s Facebook Page for the latest status.

Statement from the GCC

Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with recommendations from the CDCThe American Alpine Club, the Access Fund, and policies enacted by our fellow LCOs, the GCC is imploring all climbers to comply with national standard recommendations regarding COVID-19.

This means not traveling to the Gunks or any other outlying climbing areas, large or small from states with growing COVID-19 cases (the state requires a 14 day quarantine if you travel to New York from certain states with high community spread).

We know you want to climb – we all do. But as with many other groups we are imploring you to stay put and act as responsible world citizens.

For more information and advice on how to responsibly remain active outdoors, check out the above links, as well as the recent great Climbing Magazine editorial by Matt Samet on how we as climbers need to act.

For information about COVID-19 and how to prevent its spread, see the CDC website.

Be safe and be well.

Climbing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Local Climbing Organizations, Access Fund, partner organizations and land managers throughout the Northeast have been in discussions regarding what it means for us climbers as society begins to reopen. Please see our memo about climbing during the pandemic.

We recommend reading and following this guide to climbing during the coronavirus pandemic from the Access Fund. Click the infographic to see it full-sized on the Access Fund blog.

Access Fund's Guide to Climbing During the Coronavirus Pandemic


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