Climbing at Bonticou Crag, Mohonk Preserve, Gunks, NY

April 29, 2017 – Adopt-A-Crag Bonticou Clean & Climb

Calling all volunteers for the spring 2017 Adopt-A-Crag project!

2017 Gunks Climbers' Coalition Adopt-a-Crag poster of Bontiou Crag, Mohonk Preserve.

Bonticou Crag Ascent Path in the Mohonk Preserve. (photo: Jannette Pazer)

Bonticou Crag Ascent Path

Our mission: Remove trash stuck in the talus slope of the popular Bonticou Crag Ascent Path, and re-blaze the trail.

When: April 29, 2017, 9am to 1pm

Where: Drive to the Spring Farm Trailhead parking lot of the Mohonk Preserve and tell the ranger at the booth you’re with the GCC and they will direct you to park at the barn.
The trailhead is on Upper 27 Knolls Road, off of Mohonk Road, about a mile down the hill from the Mohonk Mountain House Entrance. Click here for a map.

What to bring: Water, lunch.  Optional: Work gloves, and climbing gear to climb on Bonticou afterwards

How much?: Free day pass for volunteers

Climbing?: Yes! Bonticou is on Mohonk Preserve property and you can climb there. No guidebook, but you can hike to the top of the crag to set up top ropes and just try stuff. The rock is beautiful and high quality.

Whatcha doing afterwards? The GCC Spring BBQ is that same evening! Land stewardship, climbing, and a party? All in one day? Sounds perfect!

Please let us know if you’re coming. The Mohonk Preserve and the GCC will provide trash bags and bottle stabbing trash pick-up poles. The preserve will also supply coffee & donuts!

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Nail on a stick for picking up trash.

Bottle stabbing trash picker-upper pole.

Adopt-A-Crag trash pickup at the Mohonk Mountain House in 2009.

Collecting trash in the talus


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