Peregrine Falcon

2014 Peregrine Falcon Cliff Closure in the Trapps

Peregrine FalconThe Mohonk Preserve has annouced a Route Closure:

Due to nesting peregrine falcons, the section of the Trapps cliff between, and including the routes “Broken Hammer” (5.4) and “The Blue Stink” (5.3) is temporarily closed to rock climbing.

This area includes popular climbs such as “The Nose”, “Fillipina”, “Bold-Ville”, “Winter”, “The Fall”, “Spring”, “Oblique Twique”, “Kligfield’s Follies” and “Simple Suff”.

  • Do not use ascent trails or rappel routes that access this area.
  • Do not use the section of the cliff base climber’s trail between these routes.
  • Please refrain from excessive noise making while in the vicinity of this closure.

Let’s wish the endangered Peregrines good luck and thank you for your cooperation.

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