Fred Polvere

2014 GCC Board of Directors/Treasurer Elections

We welcome our newest GCC Board member, Jason Beaupre. At this time we would also like to thank our outgoing GCC Treasurer, Fred Polvere for his years of service to the GCC.

Jason Beaupre, Board member of the Gunks Climbers' Coalition.

Jason Beaupre

Fred Polvere

Fred Polvere

At the next GCC meeting, on May 8th, 2014, the GCC Board of Directors will be voting on two new nominees for the GCC Board. Dustin Portzline has been nominated as the new GCC Treasurer, and Matt Logan has been nominated as a GCC Board Member-At-Large.

Dustin Portzline, GCC Treasurer

Dustin Portzline

Matt Logan, GCC Board of Directors

Matt Logan

We are very excited to bring some new people and new ideas into the organization. If you would like to be on the GCC Board of Directors and can commit the time, please send us an email and start attending our meetings.


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