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The Gunks Climbers’ Coalition is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. There are many ways you can help:

  • Join the GCC Board of Directors
    • Help shape the future of the GCC, define our priorities, develop strategies and work on major projects to fulfill our mission and help the climbing community.
    • Requires a commitment to attend monthly meetings and contribute your time to our various projects.
  • Head a committee
    • Don’t have time to commit to being a board member? Do you have a special skill or a particular project you’d like to work on? Is there something you’re passionate about that you could contribute your time working on? Do you have a social or business network that would have resources that could help our mission? Whether it’s coordinating an event, organizing an education initiative, spearheading a fundraising campaign or helping us do the GCC income taxes, we welcome your ideas and your energy.
  • Media
    • Write for our blog. Review local businesses for visitors, write trip reports, Gunks climbing beta, or educational climbing articles. Write up a synopsis for climbing related events. Interview other climbers, local legends, climber-friendly business owners. Share your writing talents with the climbing community.
    • Take photographs! We love photos from GCC events to use in our blog, plus awesome climbing photographs for social media or to add to our website, especially banner size images.
  • Fundraising
    • We need expertise in fundraising and grant writing. Help plan fundraising events or outreach, find grant opportunities, and establish and maintain relationships with sponsors, partners and big donors.
  • Adopt-A-Crag
    • Volunteer at our annual Adopt-A-Crag events, usually involving trail maintenance, invasive weed pulling, and/or cliff cleanups.
    • Volunteer to help out with the trail work for our Antlion cliff.
    • Throughout the year, there may be informal trail maintenance days of various sizes.
  • GCC Events
    • Help out planning or during our GCC events, such as slide shows and the members-only BBQ. Help show cars where to park, man the BBQ grill, set up and clean up, or even drive tables and BBQ grills in your pickup truck to the venue.
    • Help with outreach to find sponsors for our events and raffle prizes.
    • Big events, like film fests, are a lot of work! We could use help with promotion, sponsor outreach, graphic design, project coordination and more!
  • Specialized Skills
    • Sometimes we need specialized skillsets for particular projects. Such tasks may require a lawyer, a surveyor, a biologist, plant specialist, photographer, accountant, web developer. Let us know what you can offer so we can reach out when we need help.
  • Action Campaigns
    • Help get the word out for action campaigns. Man tables at events, distribute flyers, post in discussion groups.

These are only a sample of things you can do to help. Got an idea? Reach out to us!

Sign Up to Volunteer!

2012 Adopt-A-Crag Volunteers at Lost City, Gunks.

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