Minnewaska Letter Writing Instructions

Our 2015 Minnewaska letter writing campaign has ended, but if you want to still write a letter to the state about expanding climbing opportunities, we have left this information available.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts or choose two or three ideas from the following list.

  1. All of the cliffs in Minnewaska have historical routes.
  2. The areas opened in Minnewaska have been great examples of stewardship.
  3. Provide more opportunities to appreciate the NY natural environment.
  4. Encourage more people to support NY state parks.
  5. The GCC and AF are committed to stewardship and responsible land use.
  6. Most states including the border states of PA, NJ, MA, VT, and CT allow climbing.
  7. Climbing is part of the cultural history of the Hudson Valley with climbers from around the world visiting each year, as such climbing should be encouraged not prohibited.
  8. New York state is alone in its 98% ban on climbing.
  9. Bring in more out of state climbers thus supporting local businesses.
  10. Honor the 2010 Master Plan.

Letters should be written to – Rose Harvey, Commissioner of Parks

And sent to the

Gunks Climbers Coalition
PO Box 325
Gardiner, NY, NY 12525

We will remail your letter along with all the other letters to the New York Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation during the first week in May.

Thanks for your help.


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