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GCC Newsletters

We used to publish newsletters with articles, photography and literary works, but they proved to be very time consuming for our small band of volunteers. The ones we did publish are listed below.

  • October 2006 Bulletin (pdf)
    • End of season summary of GCC activities and recaps of recent GCC events.
  • October 2005 (pdf)
    • In this issue you’ll catch up with the GCC’s organization development, upcoming events, Shawangunk etymology and our members’ creative output – including comments on owning a climbing wall, a vacation diary from Tuolomne and accessing Potrero Chico, Mexico.
  • Fall 2004 (pdf)
    • Our first gorgeous full-graphics PDF version. In this issue you’ll learn about Dick Williams and his committed core of trail engineers. And did you know the GCC had itself a fundraiser to buy a titanium evacuation litter? Plus, love is in the air, Gunks style.
  • Spring 2004
    • News on bird nesting closures, MUA campground and GCC projects. Also building a smarter campfire, and climbing with kids.
  • Winter 2004
    • Early 2004 Interview with Mohonk Preserve head ranger, Hank Alicandri; Shawangunk or Shon-gum?
  • Fall 2003
    • Our premiere issue! News and GCC subcommittee reports.