Films of the 2019 Gunks Climbing Film Festival

Here are the films we will be featuring at the Gunks Climbing Film Festival on Saturday, October 12, 2019. We will also be including a selection of shorts from the No Man’s Land Film Festival and local filmmakers.

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“Adaptive” brings viewers on a gripping journey following Sterling engineer and below-the-knee amputee, Jim Ewing and professional climber, Maureen Beck, who was born without her left hand, as they attempt the first all-adaptive climb of the challenging Lotus Flower Tower located in Canada’s Cirque of the Unclimbables. Rough weather, unexpected illness and other unforeseeable obstacles expose the raw emotions and perseverance of two world-class athletes as they test their will to push each other to the top. Directed by Taylor Zann.


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Young Women Who Crush - scene from the film, shot at the Gunks.

Young Women Who Crush

Mentorship, community, and nature convene in the Shawangunk Mountains to reveal the transformative power of outdoor rock climbing in the lives of 18 captivating New York City youth. World premiere at the Gunks Climbing Film Festival, directed by Alexis Krauss and Chris Vultaggio.


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Horns Out

Maurice Horn, a 77 year old Montana climber, grapples with existential questions about his sense of place, identity, aging, and mortality. Documentary short set in Bozeman, MT and Jackson, WY. Also featuring Conrad Anker. Directed by Andy Sarjahani.


Still from the film, French Indian Masala.

French Indian Masala

The film follows local Gunks climber Gowri Varanashi as she prepares the hardest climb she’s ever attempted, the “French Indian Masala,” a 20-meter long route in Badami, Karnataka, India. The climb was sponsored by The American Alpine Club and The North Face. The film won ‘best film’ at IMF Mountain Film Festival 2019. Directed by: Manush John.


Still from the film, Equal Footing.

Equal Footing

Wyoming’s remote and vast wilderness provides the perfect canvas for Alpinists Kim Havell and Julia Heemstra to redefine the preconception of the feminine. Isolated and exposed, their presence breathes life into this bleak yet breathtaking landscape as they navigate sheer granite walls and explore the fabric of experience. Director: Dan Holz


Still from the film, Golden.


Peering out her tall bedroom windows to the highway below, Caitlin Davis dreamed of life as an ecologist. When she saw mountains for the first time on a backpacking trip after college, her fate was sealed. Today, in Idaho’s demanding sagebrush country, the raptor biologist spends her days rappelling into golden eagle nests studying how human impact affects their reproduction and productivity. Directors: Charles Post, Kaare Iverson, Dan Holz


Still from the film, Free Flow

Free Flow

Hazel Findlay enjoys an epic day of mountain running and solo climbing in the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia. Stunning shots combine with a considered soundtrack and introspection from one of the world’s best rock climbers. Director:Paul Diffley


Still from the film, Dundee.


After years of projecting, Mallory and Carey are coming back to stand on top of the unconquered, Dundee. When things can’t get any worse, they stumble onto what just might be their ticket to the top. Friendships will be tested, chocolates will be misplaced, and hands will simply want to throw in the towel, but these two ladies are destined and will stop at nothing to get what they came for. Director: Freya Fennwood



This intimate and compelling portrait of a teenage rock-climber called Clare shows that adventure is often as simple as a choice we make. Director: Matthew Lloyd


Antarctica expedition by photographer Savannah Cummins.

The New Kid

The North face expedition to Queen Maud Land in Antarctica is chronicled from the point of view of photographer, Savannah Cummins.
Director: Cedar Wright


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