Near Trapps cliff at the Gunks rock climbing area.
The Gunks Climbers’ Coalition is an advocacy group dedicated to
creating and maintaining sustainable opportunities for responsible climbing
along the Shawangunk Ridge and surrounding areas.

Ensuring the future of rock climbing along the Shawangunk Ridge.

Gunks Climbers' Coalition

Andy Salo climbing at the Gunks.
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Olivier Carre climbing High Exposure in the Gunks.
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Bouldering in Peter's Kill, Gunks.

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Latest Gunks News

Latest Gunks News

GCC Profiles: Chris Vultaggio on Climbing Local

Local climber, photographer, and JEDI advocate Chris Vultaggio has climbed in Africa, the Arctic Circle, and the Himalaya--but feels a connection like no other to the landscape and community of the Gunks. Read more in the first of our series, "GCC Profiles"--your chance to meet the people behind the climbing organization that makes awesome things happen here in the Gunks!

Progress!!! But our work is not finished…

Thanks to all of you who have donated to the campaign and to the volunteers who have labored to install anchors, build significant portions of the trail, and lay the massive blocks to complete the staircase leading up the hillside from the cliff. The reality is that there is more work to be done and we still need your financial support to repay the loan, and ultimately to complete the project.

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