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The GCC Board of Directors

The GCC board is made up of 2 Co-Chairpersons, Treasurer, Secretary and multiple Directors at Large.
The election took place on December 8, 2011, and Directors will serve a 2 year term.


Co-Chair - Pete Cody

photo of Pete Cody

I have been climbing in the Gunks for 30 years. I currently guide part-time for High Xposure and teach piano and composition privately and at Dutchess County Community College. I am currently most interested in access issues. I believe that the climbing community is a resource that the land managers can use. I think the Gunks Climbers Coalition can be a way of tapping into that resource and organizing it.

I am also interested in exploring the GCC's role as representatives of the climbing community.

Co-Chair - Tim Keenan

Tim Keenan

Living in the area since 2005, Tim Keenan got his start as a climber nearly a decade ago in West Virginia. While attending school there, he was a founding member of the Coopers Rock Regional Climbers Coalition which helped to solidify the stance of the climbing community there as a resource for education and conservation. Since moving to New York, Tim has found his place at the Gunks, helping to develop many new bouldering areas, while ticking off classics both on boulders and on a rope. He has become involved with the GCC in a meaningful way and is excited about what the future brings for the organization.

Treasurer - Fred Polvere

photo of Fred Polvere


Fred Polvere has been hiking since 1957 and climbing since 1972. He has climbed extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Switzerland.

Active in outdoor organizations for over 40 years, Fred is a Charter Member of the GCC. He has maintained trails for the NY-NJ Trail Conference and was the supervisor of the Appalachian Trail in Harriman/Bear Mountain State Park. He was active in getting Peterskill in Minnewaska State Park opened to climbing - scouting trails and routes and taking baseline photos.

Fred started climbing with the Appalachian Mountain Club and still has Mohonk Preserve buttons numbered 72 and 73 which he inherited from his climbing mentor - Chuck Loucks. For the AMC, Fred led instructional programs teaching aid-climbing, cliff rescue techniques and leader safety. On an Adirondack trip he led up the Trap Dike and slide on Mt Colden, Fred and two other climbers hauled eight bottles of wine to the summit, while his wife, Natalie, carried cheese and crackers much to the astonishment and enjoyment of the other climbers.

When not outdoors, Fred can be found listening to classical music and opera and reading and writing about politics.

Secretary - Jannette Wing Pazer

photo of Jannette Pazer

I first learned how to climb from my college outing club at the Gunks in 1981. In 2010 I moved full time to Gardiner, so I can be even more involved in the Gunks climbing community and make good use of my life membership to the Mohonk Preserve. I have two teenage daughters who also climb.

My degree is in computer science and my career was doing UNIX operating systems development and program management. I am now doing digital marketing and search engine optimization. I am the webmaster for the Gunks Climbers' Coalition and my own website, I also administer online mailing lists for 4 groups, including the GCC. In my past I have been secretary and newsletter editor of the Syracuse University Outing Club and for 2 caving clubs, the Northern New Jersey Grotto, and the Shawangunk-Catskill Area Grotto. Back in 2003, I created a Gunks family climbing group which now has over 70 climbing families in it.

As Secretary, my tasks include taking minutes at our meetings, archiving letters and memorabilia from our activities, and participating in GCC planning, events and decisions. While the official role as Secretary does not include the webmaster and mailing list administration roles, as the GCC "Geek", I enjoy being able to contribute by taking on any computer-related jobs for the organization. This includes maintaining our website, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest page, Twitter feed, and mailing list, sending out email news flashes and posting and participating in climbing website discussion groups on behalf of the GCC.

Director-at-Large - Nyle Baker

photo of Nyle Baker

Growing up in the Adirondacks, I spent my most of my time hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Six years ago I began ice climbing and eventually transitioned into bouldering and trad climbing when I moved to New Paltz. I have been living here for almost three years now and have come to realize the wealth of potential that the Gunks has to offer for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. I have become involved with the GCC to help secure and preserve access for all climbers, now and in the future.

Director-at-Large - France Menk

photo of France Menk


My climbing career started in nursery school with chairs, and graduated to garage roofs and fences as I grew tall enough. After my hire as an Outward Bound instructor in expedition travel at the Minnesota Voyager school, I changed to rock as a climbing medium. I was the first woman to complete a mountain search & rescue course with Norwich University in Vermont. Outside of New Paltz, New England, Minnesota and Western Ontario, I have climbed in Switzerland, the UK, Australia and Spain. For hobnobbing ;-), I've climbed with our own Dick Williams, Tony Sartin, Peter Darmi and Julie Seyfert in the Gunks, with Dougal Haston in Switzerland, and have scrambled on the bottom slopes of Everest and Annapurna. I engage in buildering from time to time (that's not a typo). I moved to New Paltz in 1994 to be nearer the Gunks and still be able to travel easily to New York City, where I do much of my work.

Relevant career history background for PR outreach director for the GCC:

TV commercial storyboard design; editorial & corporate identity design; fashion, editorial and political illustration; political cartooning; photojournalism, photo editing for the web as well as print and fine art photography and multimedia design. I maintain two websites: and, as well as some blogs (linked from website).

My contribution to the GCC started at its inception as a contributing member of the team writing its mission statement. I designed our logo, the logo for the newsletter and the logo for our news flashes. I am our liaison contact with other climbing organizations, and provide our press release content as well as person to person communication. Now that we have co-membership with the Access Fund, I will be consulting with them on any print material we are involved with jointly.

Embedded in my personal passion for our sport, is my belief in proactive educational outreach by every climber. By engaging in dialogue with climbers and non-climbers alike, we can promote understanding of how our particular activity, with its requirement for open, untrammelled space, protects the ecosystem for all. My door is always open.

Director-at-Large - Andy Salo

photo of Andy Salo


Been living and climbing in the area for over a decade now. Though I love to travel I always find myself pulled back to the bouldering and trad here at the Gunks. My hope is that the GCC can continue to grow, promote and preserve climbing access throughout the Shawangunks.

Director-at-Large - David Wilkes

Stay tuned for David's bio.

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